PhD position in evolution and speciation in marine sciencesExternal

The Department of Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg

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Deadline: June 30, 2016
Registration website: Apply online

The University of Gothenburg is seeking a PhD student in evolution and speciation in marine sciences at the Department of Marine Sciences. The PhD-student will work in a team studying contact zones between locally-adapted ecotypes of the coastal snail, Littorina saxatilis. The team is interested in the genetic basis of local adaptation and the ways in which it might lead to the evolution of further barriers to gene flow, including the reinforcement of pre-zygotic barriers. The student will be responsible for experiments aimed at measuring components of reproductive isolation and determining the roles of gene flow, selection and assortative mating in generating associations amongst traits and genes - a mechanism that will support speciation. There will be a mix of fieldwork, snail husbandry, behavioural and other phenotypic measurement and genetic analysis.

For more information on how to apply and on the specifications, see the job description linked below.