PhD position in freshwater ecology at The faculty of Biosciences, Fishery and Economics. The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)External

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Contact: Professor Per-Arne Amundsen
E-mail: per-arne.amundsen [at]
website: Job description
Deadline: January 31, 2017
Registration website: Job registration

The Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics (BFE), UiT The Arctic University of Norway has a PhD position vacant in freshwater ecology for applicants who wish to obtain the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD). The position is attached to the The Department of Arctic and Marine Biology (AMB) and the research group of Freshwater Ecology. The appointment is for a period of four years.

The PhD position is for a fixed term, with the objective of completion of research training to the level of a doctoral degree. Admission to a PhD programme is a prerequisite for employment, and the programme period starts on commencement of the position. The PhD Candidate shall participate in the faculty’s organized research training, and the PhD project shall be completed during the period of employment. Information about the application process for admission to the PhD programme and regulations for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) are available at the following address Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics.

Qualifications required

Applicants must have a Master’s degree in freshwater or general ecology or parasitology. A strong background in ecological and parasitological theory and skills in scientific writing is advantageous. Good knowledge of Excel, R, time-series analyses and management of large databases is also advantageous. Field experience with parasitological and ecological studies of aquatic ecosystems is desirable. 

In addition, consideration may be given to work experience or other activities of significance for the implementation of the PhD studies, and to any teaching qualifications. This includes teaching education, teaching experience, from popularization and experience/education from other types of disseminationThe applicants, who assessed as the best qualified, will be called to an interview.

The interview shall among other things aim to clarify the applicant’s personal suitability for the position.