PhD Studentship in evolutionary ecology/geneticsExternal

UCC, Ireland

News Overview

Contact: Dr Tom Reed
E-mail: treed [at]
website: University College Cork
Deadline: August 31, 2016

Univerity College Cork (UCC), Ireland, seeks a highly motivated graduate who wants to gain a PhD in the area of evolutionary ecology/genetics, working in collaboration with scientists at UCC, the Marine Institute of Ireland and Queens University Belfast (QUB). This PhD will form part of a larger ERC-funded research program to understand the causes and consequences of ‘facultative anadromy’ in brown trout (Salmo trutta), the phenomenon whereby some individuals in a population migrate to the sea for part of their lives, while others remain resident in freshwater and never go to sea. The successful candidate will be involved in a large-scale, reciprocal transplant, field experiment where the goal is understand how genes and environment interactively determine alternative life histories. A background in, or familiarity with the concepts of, quantitative genetics would be particularly useful, and there is also ample scope and resources for developing population/landscape genomics or gene expression approaches to probe the genetic basis of anadromy/migration and associated traits.

For application details see the job description below.