PhD studentship - Molecular time seriesExternal

Integration of novel techniques into existing long-term observation systems

News Overview

Contact: Dr. Alexandra Kraberg
E-mail: Alexandra.Kraberg [at]
website: AWI
Deadline: July 27, 2016

The Alfred-Wegner Institute is offering a PhD Studentship in "Molecular time series: Integration of novel techniques into existing long-term observation systems". 

Core tasks of this PhD project will be the evaluation of novel methods and workflows for integration of molecular workflows into conventional biological time series. This will be tested in the framework of a case study where the diversity of eukaryotic nano (and pico) plankton will be examined at Helgoland Roads both with conventional microscopy and counting techniques as well as molecular methods. The overarching goal is to assess how and to what extent molecular tools including next generation sequencing and molecular sensors can be integrated into routine monitoring. At the same time, AWI expect to gain a much better understanding of the Nano/Picoplankton and their role in the local foodweb at Helgoland Roads. 

A completed degree (Masters) in biology or a related discipline is expected. Practical knowledge of standard analyses in molecular biology, bioinformatics, phycology and biological oceanography, as well as a basic understanding of multivariate and/or time series statistics is highly desirable. 

Further information and application details are in the Job description.