PhD Thesis 2017-2020, Co-tutelle France-AustraliaExternal

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Contact: Dr. Olivier Thébaud
E-mail: Olivier.thebaud [at]
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The PhD research will be carried out under a co-tutelle agreement between the University of Brest (UBO, Ecole Doctorale des Sciences de la Mer) and the University of Tasmania (UTAS, Doctoral Program in Quantitative Marine Sciences - QMS). The doctoral student will be employed by Ifremer, and the cost of the position will be shared by joint agreement between the supporting parties. Ifremer support has been confirmed. Co-funding is being sought from the Quantitative Marine Science Program, and the Centre for Marine Socio-ecology at the University of Tasmania.

The co-tutelle framework will ensure that the doctoral student has an opportunity to significantly interact with both the French and the Australian research groups (at least one year in each location). The PhD research will be linked to on-going research projects involving the co-supervisors, and French and Australian partners. The research will also benefit from interactions with the Mixed Fisheries Management Working Group of ICES (WGMIXFISH).

The research will produce new approaches and tools to address one of the key contemporary challenges facing fisheries management systems under an ecosystem approach, namely the design of integrated harvest control rules that fully account for the interactions between the catch of different species and for multiple objectives of management. It is anticipated that the results of the project will both advance fisheries science in this domain (with the publication of reference articles) and provide practical tools which can be taken up in decision-making processes in Europe and other parts of the world. The project will contribute to identify and support sustainable development pathways for fisheries in the context of global change. It is expected that the results from the doctoral research will be published in international peerreviewed journals in resource economics and/or fisheries science. The objective will be for the PhD thesis to be based on at least three publications from the research.