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The Marine environmental science laboratory (LEMAR) at the University of Brest is seeking a Post-doctoral researcher in nano-ecotoxicology. Worldwide annual production of plastics has been steadily increasing since 1950 and was estimated at 311 million tons in 2051. After less than a century of existence, plastic debris already represent from 60 to 80 % of the marine litter depending on locations. Plastic fragmentation is considered to be an endless process and may continue until the molecular level to ultimately lead to the continuous release of microplastics. Even though it is assumed that can easily cross the biological membranes due to their tiny size, very little is known about their toxicity modes of action. This project aims to evaluate the interactions between MP/NP and biological membranes of key marine organisms through innovative approaches using membrane vesicles and isolated cells. 

To apply: Submit a cover letter indicating past research experience, motivation for the position, expected availability date and curriculum vitae directly to ika.paulpont[at]