Post-doctoral position in molecular microbial ecotoxicologyExternal

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Contact: Jean-François Ghiglione
E-mail: ghiglione [at]

A post-doctorate scientific position is available for a period of 15 months, with the post commencing on 1 October 2017 at Laboratory of Microbial Oceanography (LOMICS), Paris, France.  The main aim of the position is to research the biodegradation of plastic by marine bacteria from -OMICS to function and application. This area of research is spread over multiple different projects (ANR-OXOMAR, Ministry-MICROBEADS and -BIOTIGES). This will enable a thorough study of a wide array of aspects in the area, giving insights on the biodegradation of conventional, as well as biodegradeable polymers in natural conditions.

The candidate will use a large set of techniques already available in LOMIC, including DNA/RNA extraction, PCR and Q-PCR, heterotrophic production and ectoenzymes activities, respirometry (O2/CO2 exchange), optical, atomic and confocal microscopy. Experience in transcriptomic and meta-transcriptomic data analysis, as well as DNA-stable isotope probing (13C-labeled polymers) would be much appreciated. The position will benefit from a large consortium with experts in physics and chemistry of the polymers, as well as biochemists and biogeochemists from academic research and industry.

Practical experience in microbial ecology, microbial ecotoxicology and NGS data analysis is recommended, but training and support will be provided to strengthen these areas. The successful candidate will be highly motivated, creative and independent.