Post-doctoral position - Phytoplankton survival during Polar winterExternal

News Overview

Deadline: May 30, 2016

The Station Biologique of Roscoff is seeking a post-doctoral fellow to study phytoplankton survival position in the winter (cultures, physiology, transcriptomics). The post-doctoral fellow is expected to :

  • Perform experiments on a set of Arctic and Antarctic microalgal strains (green algae, diatoms etc..) from the Roscoff Culture Collection to test their long term survival strategy under darkness (mixotrophy, phagotrophy, resting stage) and their capacity to recover once light is provided again.
  • Acquire and analyze transcriptomes for a limited number of strains to assess differences in gene expression in response to dark conditions and return to light.
  • Data mine environmental meta-transcriptomes acquired in polar regions (e.g. from the Tara Oceans expedition) to search for genes involved in adaptation to dark conditions.

See the job description for more information on the role and how to apply.