Postdoc opportunity: Modelling Sargassum dynamicsExternal

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Contact: Christophe Lett
E-mail: christophe.lett [at]

The FORESEA project (FOREcasting seasonal Sargassum Events in the Atlantic) is currently evaluating candidates for a postdoc who will be tasked with designing an innovative Lagrangian approach to simulate Sargassum algae physical and biological dynamics (drift, growth and decay). After validation, the model will be used to identify the major drivers of seasonal and interannual fluctuations of Sargassum, and explore capabilities for forecasting the Sargassum influx in the Caribbean region.

The overall aim of FORESEA is to build a forecast model of Sargassum dynamics at basin and regional scales.

The postdoc will be located at the laboratories of MIO and MARBEC. For details on the role and how to apply, please follow the link below to the job posting.