Postdoctoral Fellow on Resilience Assessment of Green-Blue Infrastructure in Urban RegionsExternal

Project description
Stockholm Resilience Centre is seeking to engage a top young scientist in an interdisciplinary study with the overarching objective to reframe nature conservation in cities and urbanising regions. The successful candidate will seek the answer to the question of how high quality nature may become an integral part in densifying cities. The aims are to identify potential linkages between protected areas and the surrounding urban landscape and to, in an iterative, trans-disciplinary process, develop strategies for building resilience in these linkages over time. The position is connected to two ongoing research projects at SRC, CONATURE (exploring the potential of nature protected areas in supporting biodiversity and ES benefits at a landscape scale in the Stockholm region) and ENABLE (a Stockholm based European collaborative project forming an innovative branch of the Centre’s history of extensive academic research in the theory and practice of resilience for sustainable development).

The successful candidate will be part of multiple, creative, academic environments – SRC and KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) where the projects are located, the ENABLE network of European research and policy institutions and the Department of Physical Geography at Stockholm University where the affiliated project Green Access is located. S/he will gain experience in problem-oriented, interdisciplinary collaboration in sustainability science and go on to become a leader in this field.

The position will primarily be about developing and applying a protocol for a spatially explicit version of the Resilience Assessment methodology, specifically targeting green and blue infrastructure and its role for biodiversity and ecosystem services, here manifested as a nature reserve. The resilience assessment needs to be scale sensitive as different processes operate on different spatial and temporal scales. It needs also to be spatially explicit in order to be useful for planning. Thus, much of the development work will focus on adapting and incorporating existing models and methods for assessing and analysing dimensions of ecosystem service flows, landscape connectivity and redundancy. The new assessment framework will be applied and tested in Stockholm through a series of trans-disciplinary workshops and meetings.

Main responsibilities
The successful candidate will be responsible for (in collaboration with the senior scientists involved in CONATURE and ENABLE, and in parallel with other ongoing work on developing Resilience Assessments at the SRC) the development and application of the spatially explicit version of the resilience assessment methodology and more specifically for

  • collecting and compiling baseline data about the nature protected areas in Stockholm region included in the projects and necessary for the resilience assessment;
  • identifying suitable models and analytical tools for assessing spatial patterns and flows of ecosystem services;
  • testing the framework through a knowledge co-creation process with stakeholders in the Stockholm case in order to generate a shared understanding of key landscape characters and qualities and the necessary enabling factors supporting them.

Qualification requirements
Postdoctoral positions are appointed primarily for purposes of research. Applicants are expected to hold a Swedish doctoral degree or an equivalent degree from another country. Fluency in Swedish will be required.