Postdoctoral position analyzing the response of plankton food webs to global change using multivariate statisticsExternal

News Overview

E-mail: Cedric.Meunier [at]
Deadline: July 3, 2019

The Alfred-Wegener-Institut (AWI) is seeking postdoctoral candidates to work on the PlanktoSERV project. The aim of PlanktoSERV is to realistically assess the impact of global change on plankton individuals, populations, and communities, and to provide a robust understanding of future ecosystem services alterations.

This project will realistically assess the impact of simultaneous changes in temperature, pH, and nutrients on planktonic food webs, and will provide a robust evaluation of how ecosystem services provided by plankton are and will be affected by abiotic changes. To do so, the postdoc will use multivariate statistics and ecological network analyses to numerically describe changes in planktonic food webs. The successful candidate will have a PhD in Ecology or Aquatic Sciences, and should have strong experience using multivariate statistics.

More information can be found via the full announcement PDF below.