Postdoctoral position studying environmental stress on the king penguinExternal

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E-mail: jean-patrice.robin [at]
website: Posdoctoral position job posting
Deadline: June 17, 2018

This postdoctoral position will involve exploring the impact and adaptation to social and environmental stress in the king penguin. The role will be on a full-time basis, with 17 September 2018 the proposed starting date. This position will be based at the University of Strasbourg.

The project this position will be a part of, the ECONERGIE project, seeks to help in the understanding of the proximate determinants of quality in relation to individual performances, and on the fitness consequences of variation in quality of king penguins. An essential part of the position will be the conducting of between one or two field studies, lasting for a total of two to four months.

The project has, in recent years, worked towards an integrative view of evolutionary adaptations of different constraints by the penguin. To help understand this further, the successful applicant must deepen the understanding of (a) the proximate physiological bases of, and variability in, individual quality; (b) the inter-relationship of individual performances across life-history contexts, (c) how information on quality is advertised to conspecifics; and (d) the ultimate fitness consequences of such variability. Together with the study of trait heritability and genes x environment interactions on individual phenotypes, studying the proximate determinants of quality together with their ultimate consequences should provide an evolutionary view of the strategies used by king penguins to deal with their unique environment and life cycle.