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Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral position in the Light Photosynthesis & Metabolism team in the Cell and Plant Physiology Laboratory, funded by the University of Grenoble (France). CNRS are seeking a highly motivated, enthusiastic and talented scientist with excellent skills and knowledge in bioinformatics (transcriptomics and proteomics), and eventually mass spectrometry. The work will be performed under the supervision of Dr. Johan Decelle (see Project below). The successful candidate will collaborate with a state-of-the-art Proteomics platform (EDyP: Exploring the Dynamics of Proteomes) in Grenoble at the CEA.

The overall aim of the research team is to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms of microalgae facing different abiotic constrains (e.g. light, nutrient availability) using a multidisciplinary approach. The team has a strong expertise and knowledge in photosynthesis (light signaling and utilization), metabolism (carbon assimilation), plant and algae physiology and cellular biology.
The successful candidate will be involved in a new project that aims to study symbiosis with microalgae in the oceanic plankton. The goal of the project is to combine cutting-edge single-cell imaging techniques (3D electron microscopy, nanoSIMS, X-ray fluorescence) with proteomics to decipher the functioning and physiology of planktonic symbiosis. The candidate will particularly focus on the key proteins that are involved in the metabolic interactions between the host and its symbiotic microalgae. To know more about the project´s topic, some publications are available on Research Gate and below.