Postdoctoral researcher in Greenland ice sheet modelingExternal

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Contact: Philippe Huybrechts
E-mail: Philippe.Huybrechts [at]
website: Job posting
Deadline: June 30, 2018

The climate of the Polar Regions has dramatically changed over the last decades. This may have resulted from external forcing (e.g., from greenhouse gas emissions), but also from natural interaction between the components of the climate system (notably, the atmosphere, the marine and continental cryosphere, and the ocean). Quantifying the specific contribution of each is critical to understand decadal variability. Based on the complementary scientific expertise of the project partners, PARAMOUR aims at revealing fundamental drivers of climate variability and assessing the predictability in high-latitudes by using coupled regional climate models in both hemispheres.

The successful candidate will contribute to the development of a high-resolution coupled atmosphere-ocean-sea ice-ice sheet model configuration covering Greenland, the North Atlantic, and the Arctic, in collaboration with the other scientists working on the project. The technical aspects associated to model development will be supervised by a computer scientist specifically dedicated to this configuration. The focus will be on modelling the Greenland ice sheet, optimizing assimilation techniques for model initialisation, and the coupling with the ocean model. The PhD candidate will analyse the interactions between the ice sheet and the atmosphere, ocean, and sea ice in forecast experiments, and investigate the impact of model representations on the variability and predictability of the system. A particular attention will be paid to the impacts of Greenland fresh water feedbacks on other components of the system at decadal timescales.