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Contact: Per Hall
E-mail: per.hall [at]
website: Professor in Physical Oceanography webpage
Deadline: June 13, 2017
Registration website: Professor in Physical Oceanography registration

The successful applicant for this role is expected to perform research and education within the broad field of physical oceanography. The successful candidate will develop a research programme in her/his chosen research area, harmonizing with existing research at the Department. The research shall be conducted in independent projects led and initialized by the candidate, and demonstrate opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration with other marine disciplines in the Department, as well as national and international collaboration. The candidate is expected to set up a research group in a relevant research area, including attracting external research funding.

The candidate is also expected to be actively involved in teaching within first and second-cycle education in marine sciences. This includes basic physical oceanography as well as physical aspects of multidisciplinary marine systems and fjord circulation. In addition, the position includes supervision of bachelor and master students in their degree projects, as well as doctoral students.

Other duties include creating and maintaining contacts with the surrounding society and may include serving on committees at the university.

The successful candidate is expected to teach in Swedish within two years. The candidate without university teacher training is also expected to undergo courses in teaching and learning in higher education.