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Contact: Marco Zavatarelli
E-mail: Marco.Zavatarelli [at]
website: Research Fellowship files
Deadline: April 27, 2018

The Physics and Astronomy department of Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna (Italy)  is opening a call for a research fellowship in Oceanography. The research fellowship is funded in the framework of the EU-H2020 Project "ODYSSEA" (OPERATING A NETWORK OF INTEGRATED OBSERVATORY SYSTEMS IN THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA). Its duration is 24 month and can be renewed for an equal period of time.

The work of the successful applicant will be aimed to expand further the coupled physical biogeochemical numerical modeling system (BFM-NEMO) implemented at high resolution in the northern Adriatic Sea. The work will involve the adoption of a more detailed submodel for the benthic system and the subsequent model activities in an operational framework.

The model will be run using the Italian computer center (CINECA) supercomputers (adequate computational resources have been secured.