Researcher on chemodiversity of microalgae at IfremerExternal

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website: Ifremer
Deadline: November 13, 2016

Within the DYNECO unit, the PHYC laboratory, located in Nantes, meets the needs of research and expertise related to the proliferation of microalgae to produce their toxins and their impacts on marine food webs.

Under the responsibility of the head of the PHYC Laboratory, the recruited researcher will ensure scientific and technical leading of the collaborative action "Chemodiversity of toxic microalgae" and set up research activities based on experimental plans for:
· Describing the chemical diversity of algal metabolites from potentially toxic microalgal strains available in culture collections, detected or not on French coasts,
· Identifying and understanding the interaction between toxins and other intracellular algal metabolites in order to determine the markers associated with toxicity,
· Describing and understanding the fate of algal toxins inside the coastal food webs.