Researcher in Geotechnical EngineeringExternal

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Contact: Bruno Marsset
E-mail: bruno.marsset [at]
website: Job advertisement
Deadline: June 25, 2018

French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea, Ifremer, seeks a suitable candidate for the role of Researcher in Geotechnical Engineering. The successful candidate will use in-situ and laboratory measurements as well as numerical models to contribute to improving understanding of geohazards and failure mechanisms associated with gas hydrate accumulation, fluid circulation and earthquakes.

Some of the major responsibilities of the successful candidate will include:

  • Detailed geotechnical data analysis and interpretation.
  • Development of new data engineering methods.
  • Contribute to the development of new experimental and in-situ geotechnical instruments
  • Development of constitutive equations and their use in numerical simulations.

To be considered eligible for the role, candidates must possess a PhD in soil mechanics and/or geotechnics with strong analytical, numerical and experimental skills. Also, it is expected candidates will have experience in the marine field, as well as a strong knowledge in geology and hydrology.