Researcher in the marine chemistry of emerging metalsExternal

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website: Ifremer
Deadline: November 6, 2016

This post will be based at the Laboratory Metallics Contaminants (LBCM) in French Atlantic Center, City of Nantes

Research led by the successful candidate will strive to bring answers to the following questions :
-What are the emerging metallic contaminations of the marine environment under pressure changes (anthropic, global change, etc.) ?
-How can the changes of the marine environment be quantified, both in time and space?
-What is the impact of their speciation upon their trophic transfer and their uptake by marine organisms?
Emerging contaminations include changes of chemical, isotopic, and physical forms of metallic elements already present in the marine environment, and newly introduced elements due to changes in their uses, technologies, or transfer processes. Priority will then be given to organometallic contaminants and emerging metals.