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Deadline: September 1, 2017
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The two main roles involved in this job will be to lead and deliver (1) coastal oceanography and geomorphology projects within Cefas’ portfolio for commercial and governmental clients, and (2) coastal processes advice on a wide range of issues to assist regulatory decision-making processes. The focus of the work is to develop and deliver the science needed to assess environmental risks to and impacts of coastal developments. 


Cefas is seeking a highly-motivated coastal scientist join a team producing high quality evidence based deliverables for Cefas’ nuclear portfolio, government regulatory clients and other customers (e.g., small island developing states). The work involves developing projects to solve coastal problems, gather baseline evidence, predict and measure impacts arising from major infra-structure projects (e.g. nuclear power stations, navigation dredging, port developments). It will also involve developing proposals and bids for new work, both in the UK and abroad. 

The first part of this post relates to new nuclear power stations and involves contributing to an interdisciplinary marine programme. The coastal geomorphology and oceanography component of the portfolio considers how developments and associated coastal defences will impact the nearshore zone, including potential impacts on ecology, sediment transport and coastal configuration. It also examines changes to coastal processes and coastal morphology, including extreme events (> 100 years) to inform safe and efficient engineering design and regulatory planning applications. Examples of the work include the use of video cameras, x-band radar and drones to measure coastal change, and experiments using RFID tags to study gravel transport. 

The second part of this role requires delivery of professional and impartial scientific advice to key customers (MMO, NRW, PINS and commercial clients) on coastal energy projects (e.g., tidal stream and elevation, wave, and offshore wind farms), coastal construction, aggregate extraction and other coastal/marine developments. Your expert advice will be based on a balanced, impartial and critical examination of data and reports on coastal processes including seabed stability, coastal erosion, sediment transport, coastal geomorphology and oceanography. You would be expected to develop quickly into the role, and would be responsible for co-ordinating a small team of coastal processes advisors. Experience of the UK regulatory framework is beneficial but not essential. 

Applicants must possess a Higher Degree, and relevant experience in an appropriate coastal dynamics, geomorphology or coastal engineering discipline.