Tools to Support Nature-Based Coastal ProtectionExternal

Reducing flood risks is one of the most pressing challenges facing European coastal managers. Sea level rise, climate change and increasing coastal populations, intensify this challenge, demanding innovative approaches towards coastal management. Vegetated foreshores naturally defend against coastal flooding and erosion. This means that conserving and restoring natural coastal ecosystems can play an important role in reducing flood risks, and is increasingly becoming a cost-effective flood defence solution.

The course aims to provide an overview of the latest techniques for assessing nature-based coastal protection strategies, and practical experience applying the suite of data collection and modelling tools developed in the EU projects “Foreshore Assessment using Space Technology” ( and RISC-KIT.

After a short introduction discussing coastal flood risks under different climate change scenarios and the scientific foundations behind 'Nature-based engineering solutions', participants will delve straight into practical sessions on best practices for field data collection and management, deriving coastal information from Earth Observation (using the Cloud-based Earth Engine platform), numerical modelling of near-shore hydrodynamics using XBeach and flooding using LISFLOOD, and how MI-SAFE services can be used to help support the smart use of Nature in coastal engineering.