Two New Interdisciplinary Courses at Master's LevelExternal

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Deadline: April 16, 2018

The University of Gothenburg has recently launched two new courses, both of which deal with developing interdisciplinary skills related to marine science and its relation to society.

The first course, entitled 'The Sea and Society Relationship', aims to provide a basic understanding of how the relationship between the sea and the human society has changed from prehistorical times up to today, and discuss challenges for the future. It will also focus on the conflicts associated with the over-use of the sea and discuss concepts such as shifting baselines and tragedy of the commons.

The second course, 'Bluegreen economy and sustainable use of marine resources', aims to give a broad understanding of the critical balance between marine and maritime economy and use, on the one hand, and ecosystem sustainability on the other hand. It discusses social, economic and ecological sustainability regarding several human uses of the sea, including off-shore industry and shipping, fisheries, marine aquaculture, and marine tourism.

Both courses have an application deadline of 16 April 2018. Both courses will culminate in a two-three week individual project.