Two research scientist positions in fisheries / marine biologyExternal

News Overview

Contact: Reidar Toresen
E-mail: reidar [at]
Deadline: June 19, 2019

The Institute of Marine Research (Norway) is offering two permanent research positions in the field of fisheries biology, marine biology and related fields.The positions are affiliated with the Marine Research in developing countries research group in Bergen. A key task of the positions is to plan, participate and lead cruises onboard the R/V “Dr. Fridtjof Nansen”. In addition to data collection, an important element of the cruises is training of local scientific staff. Additionally, work prior and after the surveys, such as reporting and attendance of meetings, is to be expected.

Applicants must have a PhD or similar competence in fisheries biology or a related discipline. Applicants should also have good competence in quantitative analysis of marine data. Experience in abundance estimation and stock assessment of fisheries resources will be advantageous. 

Further details of the positions can be found via the full announcement link below.