Two-Year Postdoctoral Position in Marine Environment ForecastingExternal

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Contact: Marilaure Grégoire
E-mail: mgregoire [at]
website: Two-Year Postdoctoral Position in Marine Environment Forecasting
Deadline: March 29, 2018

A 2-year post doc position is available at the Modelling for Aquatic Systems research group (MAST) of the University of Liège (ULiege) (Belgium). The post doc will have to work on the research and development part of the biogeochemical operational model of the Black Sea. He/she will have to make the necessary adaptations and fine tuning of an existing biogeochemical model (BAMHBI for Biogeochemical Model for Hypoxic and Benthic Influenced Areas) (already run in operational) in lines with new expectations and for further fine tuning the quality of the results. In particular, a submodule describing the dynamics of carbonate systems adapted to the oxygen deficient conditions of the Black Sea will have to be developed and coupled with BAMHBI. Multidecadal simulations will be performed and model skills will be thoroughly assessed using in-situ (e.g. Argo floats) and satellite (e.g. Sentinel 3) data delivered by the CMEMS in-situ and ocean color thematic assembly centers. Based on models skills, the necessary model adaptations will have to be done (e.g. refinement of the optical model, processes at the transition layer between oxygenated and anoxic zone). In connection with the research performed in the MAST group, improvements of model quality thanks to data assimilation will be assessed.

To be eligible for the role,candidates must have a PhD in ocean numerical modelling, as well as good English and experience in computational scientific work.