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Update: Deadline extended for the European Marine Biology Symposium (EMBS 51)
The European Marine Biology Symposium (EMBS 51) will take place in Rhodes(Greece) from 26 to 30 September 2016. The main topics are:   Climate change Marine invasions Indicators Transitional waters...
April 5, 2016
Registration still open for the MaCuMBA Microbiome conference
Hosted by the MaCuMBA project, this extraordinary event will take place in Berlin (Germany) on 27-30 June 2016. Featuring a jam-packed programme with speakers and attendees from around the world,...
May 16, 2016
European Ecosystem Services Conference - Earlybird Registration 15 July 2016
The theme of the European Ecosystem Services 2016 conference will be 'Helping nature to help us' focuses on the important role that healthy ecosystems play in supporting human well-being and the...
June 13, 2016
CommOCEAN Conference 2016 - extended deadline for abstracts
The Bruges-Ostend CommOCEAN event is a unique opportunity to make a major leap forward in communicating your ocean knowledge. The organizers (VLIZ, EMB, EMBCP, UNESCO-IOC-IODE) are developing an...
June 24, 2016
Update: CCMAR Workshop in Marine Genomics
Registration was intended to be open until the 31 July 2016. The course is now full.
July 11, 2016
Deadline extended until 8th August for SOLAS workshop on SOLAS Science and Society
The Surface Ocean – Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) project has announced that a free workshop on the topic of `SOLAS Science and Society` will take place in late October this year. The workshop will...
July 14, 2016
Outcome of EuroMarine workshop: The Ischia Declaration
The number of recorded non indigenous species (NIS) in the Mediterranean Sea is far higher than in other European Seas. A EuroMarine workshop, entitled ‘Management of Bioinvasions in the...
August 19, 2016
10th International Carbon Dioxide Conference, Registration now open
Interlaken, Switzerland
The 10th anniversary International Carbon Dioxide Conference will provide participants with an integrated, interdisciplinary view of the global carbon cycle and its perturbation by humans. Conference...
September 29, 2016
Advances in Marine Ecosystem Modelling Research Conference 2017 - Abstract submission now open
Abstract submission and registration are now open at The themes are as follows, see the full list on the website: Theme 1 Modelling: where have we come from and where are we going?...
October 19, 2016
EGU2017 BG3.2/OS.3.10 Biogeochemistry of the benthic zone and implications for marine ecosystems
The 2017 European Geoscience Union (EGU) session on benthic biogeochemistry and benthic-pelagic coupling is open for contributions. The session focuses on recent outcomes in the understanding of...
November 28, 2016
PhD Drug discovery from marine microalgae
Call for a PhD position in the framework of the MarPipe Project “Improving the flow in the pipeline of the next generation of marine biodiscovery scientists”, to carry out interdisciplinary training...
November 30, 2016
PhD project at GEOMAR on the discovery of new bioactive molecules from marine microbes from extreme/deep sea environments
In the frame of recently funded EU-H2020-MSC-ITN project MarPipe (Improving the flow in the pipeline of the next generation of marine biodiscovery scientists), GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean...
November 30, 2016
EGU 2017 OS4.3 Advances in water column and seafloor fixed point observatories
Abstract submisison is open for the following EGU17 session: OS4.3 Advances in water column and seafloor fixed point observatories In this session researchers from all ocean disciplines working on in...
December 1, 2016
EGU 2017 OS3.1/BG9.69: Ocean biogeochemistry: novel approaches and synthesis
Contributions are invited to the Session OS3.1/BG9.69: “Ocean biogeochemistry: novel approaches and synthesis” at the next EGU General Assembly 2017 (EGU2017), 23–28 Apr 2017, Vienna, Austria. The...
December 1, 2016
Abstract submission closing soon - 52nd European Marine Biology Symposium
The abstract submission deadline for the 52nd European Marine Biology Symposium (25 - 29 September 2017, Slovenia) is 15 April 2017.  GENERAL SESSION Chair: prof. dr. Lovrenc Lipej (National...
March 14, 2017
PlankBIOS workshop - deadline extended
The PlankBIOS “Present and future plankton biogeography and the link between community structure, marine ecosystem functioning and ecosystem service provision” workshop has had its registration and...
March 22, 2017
First GEOTRACES Summer School
Pre-registration now open
Pre-registration for the first GEOTRACES summer school is now open. Further information can be found on the registration page for the event.
April 5, 2017
52nd European Marine Biological Symposium: Sub-session announced
"Mesophotic ecosystems: mysteries and research challenges" organised by TASCMAR project
The Horizon 2020 project TASCMAR is lead organiser in the 52nd European Marine Biological Symposium. The Symposium recently announced a sub-session that will be taking place during the course of the...
April 6, 2017
Project Officer role - AquaTT
Deadline extension and updated role description
Applications are currently being accepted for the role of a Project Officer in AquaTT, situated in Dublin, Ireland. The role, originally with an application deadline of 10 March 2017, has had this...
April 11, 2017
Shaping Future Research Agendas workshop
Join the European Marine Board for a science-policy workshop to have your say on the latest Research and Development needs in Marine Ecosystem Modelling. This workshop follows directly after AMEMR on...
April 26, 2017
Reminder: Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance call for ideas
The Baltic Sea Region’s leading marine and biotechnology institutes have joined together and are opening their doors: labs, brains, resources, expertise and facilities are at your disposal. They ...
July 17, 2017
BiodivERsA & Belmont Forum 2017-18 Call Details Announced
The BiodivERsA & Belmont Forum 2017-18 Call details details have been announced. The call aims at supporting proposals that explicitly address a scenario dimension, taking into account the...
October 11, 2017
Open Sea Lab: Applications now open
Applications for the Open Sea Lab! are now open. Applicants can register for the event either as an individual or as a group of four to five members. It should be noted that applications cannot be...
October 11, 2017
"Novel Foods: Jellyfish, Microalgae and Insects" Booklet Produced
A small scientific communication booklet entitled "Novel foods: jellyfish, microalgae and insects" was produced with a limited circulation to the conference attendants. Due to the international level...
October 17, 2017
The Effects of Climate Change on the World's Oceans - Call for abstracts now open
The call for abstracts is now open for the 4th International Symposium on the Effects of Climate Change on the World's Oceans. There are 18 themed sessions that abstracts can be based on, all of...
November 8, 2017
Stakeholders Meeting of the EU Scientific Advice Mechanism High Level Group on Food from the Oceans
EuroMarine took part in the stakeholders meeting of the EU Scientific Advice Mechanism High Level Group on Food from the Oceans. The event took place on 13 November 2017, and took place in Brussels....
November 22, 2017
Coastal Biogeochemistry Workshop
The Coastal Biogeochemistry Workshop is listed as session BG3.1/OS3.6 of the 2018 EGU General Assembly.  The coastal ocean has been increasingly recognized as a dynamic component of the global carbon...
December 6, 2017
Microalgae Company Forum launched at AlgaEurope Conference
The European Marine Biological Research Infrastructure Cluster (EMBRIC) launches its Microalgae Company Forum at the AlgaEurope conference on December 5. With Company Forums, EMBRIC strives to...
December 6, 2017
GFCM Fish Forum 2018 Call for Abstracts now open
The call for abstracts for the Forum on Fisheries Science in the Mediterranean and Black Sea (Fish Forum 2018) is now open. Interested individuals are invited to submit abstracts for one of the three...
December 6, 2017
Climate change symposium calling for abstracts
​The symposium is taking place 4–8 June 2018, in Washington D.C., USA, and the call for abstracts is open until 12 January 2018. There are 18 theme sessions from which to choose. The conference...
December 19, 2017
Abstract submission for Marine Evolution 2018 Conference still open
Marine Evolution 2018 15-17 May 2018, Strömstad, Sweden Registration for the meeting is now open! Deadline for abstract submission and early-bird registration: 1 February 2018! Please see the link...
December 19, 2017
EGU session on benthic biogeochemistry and benthic-pelagic coupling
The 2018 EGU session on benthic biogeochemistry and benthic-pelagic coupling is open for contributions. The session focuses on recent outcomes in the understanding of benthic biogeochemical cycling...
January 4, 2018
Ocean biogeochemistry, climate and ecosystems: recent advances and novel approaches to synthesis and predictions
This session will take place at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly, which will run from 8-13 April 2018. In recent editions of the Assembly, this particular event has proven to be a...
January 8, 2018
ASSEMBLE Plus first call for applications now open
The first call for the ASSEMBLE Plus project is now open. The submission process opened on 5 Jan 2018, and will close on 2 Feb 2018. 
January 10, 2018
50th International Liege Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics abstract submission deadline extended
The deadline for abstrcat submissions for the 50th International Liege Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics has been extended. The new deadline is 5 February 2018.
January 26, 2018
CESAM available as host institute in call for 500 scientific positions
The Foundation for Science and Technology of Portugal (FCT) opened 500 new scientific positions at all levels (Junior researcher, Assistant Researcher, Principal Researcher, Coordinating Researcher...
January 26, 2018
Applications now open for European Early Career Researchers Workshop
Applications are now open for a workshop for European Early Career Researchers on how to work effectively at the Science-Policy-Society interface. The workshop is being organised jointly by NIECS,...
February 8, 2018
EOOS Forum and launch of the EOOS strategy - Forum Programme Released
The programme for the European Ocean Observing System (EOOS) Forum, taking place on 8 March 2018, was launched recently. The Forum is an opportunity to hear about the latest developments, get...
February 20, 2018
European Marine Board Sixth Forum: Proceedings now available
The European Marine Board's Sixth Forum took place on 6 December 2017, in Brussels, Belgium. The proceedings from the forum are now available in full from the European Marine Board website.
March 6, 2018
IMBER-EKLIPSE WS on Science-Policy-Society interface for coastal/marine management: Deadline Extension
The IMBER-EKLIPSE workshop on Science-Policy-Society interface for coastal/marine management has had its application deadline extended. The new deadline for applications for the event is 19 March...
March 7, 2018
Call for Sessions and Workshops for IMBeR 2nd Ocean Science Conference
The Integrated Marine Biosphere Research (IMBeR) project is planning its second Open Science Conference in 2019. The themes of this conference will include the understanding of marine ecosystems,...
March 23, 2018
Ocean Deoxygenation Conference: Abstract Submission Deadline Extended
The Ocean Deoxygenation Conference, which will take place in Kiel University, Germany, has had an extension added to its abstract submission deadline. The new deadline is 14 April 2018.
April 5, 2018
IMBeR 2nd Open Science Conference: Call for Sessions and Workshops Extended
The Call for Sessions and Workshops for the 2nd IMBeR Open Science Conference has had its deadline extended until 20 April 2018. More information on the event can be found on the call page. 
April 19, 2018
Predicting the Future of the Ocean from Signatures of the Past: Application deadline announced
The EuroMarine workshop 'Predicting the Future of the Ocean from Signatures' has had an application deadline of 4 May 2018 set. The workshop, which will take place in Finnish Environment Institute,...
April 20, 2018
EMBRIC Second Transnational Access Call deadline extended
The second Transnational Access Call for the EMBRIC project has received a deadline extension. EMBRIC is designed to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery and innovation from marine Bio-...
April 23, 2018
European Marine Board: Marine Graduates Vital to Sustainable Future Blue Economy
The European Marine Board (EMB) released a press release, announcing the publication of a new Future Science Brief, which presents a vision for the future of marine graduate education and training in...
April 25, 2018
IPBES Global Assessment: Review of Global Assessment and Summary for Policymakers now underway
Registration for the second review by governments and experts for the IPBES Global Assessment is now open. This phase of the review will allow the possibility to review the Global Assessment and the...
May 14, 2018
2018 International Sandy Beaches Symposium: Final registration extension
The International Sandy Beaches Symposium, set to take place from 25-29 May 2018, has a final registration deadline of 20 May 2018. It is essential that all interested individuals register by this...
May 15, 2018
Forum on Fisheries Science in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea: abstract submission deadline extended
Due to the large number of responses the call for abstracts received for the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) Fish Forum, the abstract submission deadline has been extended....
May 16, 2018
EMBRC-ERIC Executive Director Role: Deadline Extension
The job application deadline for the EMBRC-ERIC Executive Director Role has been extended to the end of July 2018.  The Executive Director (ED) is the authorized representative of the EMBRC-ERIC. It...
July 10, 2018