Education and Training

The EuroMarine FP7 preparatory project (2011-13) contributed to an early initiative aimed at identifying and mapping marine education and training courses in Europe.

Under the umbrella of EMBRC (European Marine Biological Resource Centre), the University of Ghent pursued and expanded this initiative, resulting in the release of the European Marine Training Portal.

The Marine Training Portal is intended as a 'one-stop-shop' for:

  • trainees in search of European Marine and Maritime training initiatives
  • trainers in search of assistance for organising European Marine and Maritime training initiatives
  • stakeholders in search of insights into European Marine and Maritime training initiatives

Leaders of EuroMarine-funded education and training activities are invited to take advantage of the tools offered by the portal.


The EuroMarine network has contributed (notably through the organisation of a EuroMarine workshop titled Training the 21st Century Marine Scientists and Technologists) to works led by the European Marine Board, which should lead to the publication of a vision paper on European marine graduate programmes in the European Marine Board's ‘Future Science Brief’ series.