Historical ecology of semi-enclosed basinsExternal

Past, present and future of seas at risk

Activity Overview

Type: Workshop
Start Date: October 3, 2016
End Date: October 4, 2016
Venue: Palazzo Grassi, Chioggia (Italy)
Website: Meeting website
Contact: Carlotta Mazzoldi
E-mail: carlotta.mazzoldi [at] unipd.it

Abstract submission deadline: August 10, 2016
Application/registration deadline: August 31, 2016

The European COST Action (IS1403) Ocean Past Platform, in collaboration with the University of Padova (Italy) and ISPRA (The Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) is organizing a scientific meeting in Chioggia, Italy, 3-4 October 2016.

The meeting aims at providing an overview of the past, present and future status of ecosystems of semi-enclosed basins and coastal areas including transitional environments, such as estuaries, or bays, and inform managers on the potential future scenarios and management needs by using the interdisciplinary approach of marine historical ecology. The meeting includes three sessions:

  1. Changes in knowledge, perception and use of marine ecosystems of semi enclosed basins and coastal areas – this session aims to present the interrelationships between knowledge, perception and use of the marine ecosystems: discovery of marine life; use of sea and coasts; use of marine living resources in different historical periods. This topic is expected to collect contributions from zoo-archeologists and archeologists, historians, anthropologists, marine biologists.
  2. Changes in biodiversity, environmental/anthropogenic drivers and food-webs – the session aims to collect contributions on the changes in biodiversity and food webs in the semi-enclosed basins as a response to different environmental and anthropogenic pressures, among others fishery exploitation, habitats loss and degradation, pollution, climate change. It is expected to involve fishery biologists, biologists and ecologists, oceanographers, etc.
  3. Management response to changes in the marine ecosystem and future scenarios - this session aims to evaluate the changes and effectiveness in management strategies over time, as a response to changes in the use of marine ecosystem, among others urbanization, biodiversity loss, fishery crisis, and to the new EU policies (e.g., reformed Common Fisheries Policy, Maritime Spatial Planning, Marine Strategy Framework Directive, Blue Growth etc.) also providing insights on the future needs and opportunities for the protection and sustainable exploitation of semi-enclosed basins. Scholars from bio-ecological disciplines, political sciences and geography, and stakeholders are envisaged to contribute to this topic.


  • Abstract submission deadline: 10 Aug. 2016
  • Registration deadline: 31 Aug. 2016

Please refer to the meeting website for details and abstract submission or registration instructions.