European Coral Reef Symposium 2017

Reef Conservation UK (RCUK) is a networking group and annual meeting for reef scientists, conservationists and enthusiasts to discuss and collaborate on issues related to coral reef research and conservation. The community is increasingly expanding to include those who work on cold water coral ecosystems, as well as tropical coral reefs.

3rd Blue Planet Symposium

The 3rd Blue Planet Symposium will serve as a forum for discussion of societal information needs resulting from the important role the oceans play in Earth's life-support system and the challenge of minimizing the impacts of human activities on the oceans while utilizing the resources of the oceans to meet our needs. The symposium will also be a platform for the participating communities to exchange information on their activities and identify potential pilot and prototype projects for Blue Planet to focus on in the coming years. The Symposium will address four subthemes:


Water Innovation Europe

The Water Innovation Europe conference is an annual event which aims to showcase the pro-active approach being taken towards the water challenges, to not only create jobs, but also ensure strong investment and marketing opportunities, both inside and outside Europe. 

How European Biological and Medical Sciences Research Infrastructures boost Innovation by Open Access

This meeting, titled 'How European Biological and Medical Sciences Research Infrastructures boost Innovation by Open Access', will take place on 20 June 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. The meeting is part of the Horizon 2020 project, CORBEL, to assess how the 11 Biological and Medical Sciences Research Infrastructures involved in the project can stimulate innovation throughout Europe. A possible avenue for this is through providing open access to their key assets, such as resources, technologies, data and knowledge. 

Topics for the event include the following: 

EuroGOOS International Conference: Operational Oceanography serving sustainable marine development

The EuroGOOS international conference takes place every three years. The conference provides a forum for a broad range of implementers and users of operational oceanography services, including marine scientists and technologists, private companies, and policymakers. The conference reviews the present ocean monitoring and forecasting capacities and oceanographic services, and identifies new science and technology priorities.

4th Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference - Call for Workshops

The 4th Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference (ASCP2017) will take place on 8 November 2017 in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

The annual Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference is the central hub for stakeholders of the Atlantic Strategy to make valuable contacts and explore areas for cooperation, share information and good practices, promote and identify interesting project ideas, as well as funding opportunities and partnerships for their projects.

Knowing the Oceans for Achieving Sustainable Development

The international conference 'Knowing the Oceans for Achieving Sustainable Development' will take place from 27-28 April 2017 in Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. The event will see a wide array of speakers covering several topics throughout the course of the two days. Details can be found in the attached PDF programme.

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