Call for input regarding the strategic framework of the future IPBES work programmeExternal

Call Overview

Call Category: Expertise

Email: secretariat [at]
Opening: April 26, 2018
Closing: May 23, 2018

At its sixth session, the IPBES Plenary requested the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel and the Bureau, supported by the secretariat:

a) to develop a draft strategic framework up to 2030 and elements of the rolling work programme of the Platform;

b) to hold consultations to seek additional input from a broad range of relevant actors on the draft strategic framework and elements of the work programme of the Platform; and

c) to encourage Governments, United Nations partners, multilateral environmental agreements related to biodiversity and ecosystem services, intergovernmental organizations and stakeholders to provide written comments on the draft strategic framework and future elements of the work programme.

To address the first two points above, IPBES is convening a meeting of its national focal points from 4-6 June. Finally, in relation to point c, all governments and stakeholders are invited to provide written comments regarding the strategic framework, in particular, on how to further strengthen and integrate the functions of the Platform and the institutional arrangements established to implement these functions. Comments received will inform the development of the draft strategic framework of the future IPBES work programme up to 2030, and, in particular discussions on this issue at the national focal points meeting (4-6 June, Bonn, Germany) and at the 11th MEP and Bureau meetings (25-29 June, Bonn, Germany).