European Maritime and Fisheries Fund Call for External ExpertsExternal

Call Overview

Call Category: Proposals, Expertise

Email: EMFF2017 [at]
Opening: September 18, 2017
Closing: October 31, 2017

The European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) currently has open a 'Call for Experts'. The call is aimed at individuals who are considered experts in a large number of fields related to the aquaculture sector. These sectors include:

Marine environment:

  • Marine biology
  • Marine ecosystems
  • Integrated coastal zone management
  • Marine environmental policies
  • Fisheries science

Maritime/blue economy, maritime engineering and technologies

  • Aquaculture, seafood industry
  • Coastal and maritime tourism
  • Maritime services, waterborne transport, ports
  • Ocean engineering, shipping, shipbuilding
  • Marine renewable energy, offshore and underwater technologies
  • Marine biotechnology

Skills for the blue economy

  • Education and training for maritime professions

Cross-cutting marine/maritime action areas

  • Marine knowledge and research, ocean observation and monitoring, oceanography
  • Maritime security and surveillance
  • Maritime spatial planning
  • International ocean governance
  • Maritime economy
  • Marine and maritime data processing and analysis

There are four strands to the call that will help promote fostering the Blue Economy across Europe:

  • Strand 1  Demonstration projects for the blue economy
  • Strand 2  Efficient strategies and technologies against marine litter
  • Strand 3  Blue networks for the Mediterranean 
  • Strand 4  Joint actions for a sustainable Blue economy in the Mediterranean

Strands 1 and 2 support innovation, demonstration of projects and bringing research results closer to the market. Strand 2 focuses on projects proposing concrete solutions and technologies to fight marine litter.

Strand 3 and 4 aim on strengthening cooperation between Europe and the Mediterranean sea-basin to increase capacity building and support joint actions to enhance the sustainability of the sea-basin. Moreover, they support of job creation, innovation and entrepreneurship in the blue economy.