"Novel Foods: Jellyfish, Microalgae and Insects" Booklet Produced External

A small scientific communication booklet entitled "Novel foods: jellyfish, microalgae and insects" was produced with a limited circulation to the conference attendants. Due to the international level and the high publicity impact of the event, and because of the wide participation from scientists, SMEs, technology companies, insiders and policymakers, the symposium has represented a strong tool to diffuse the awareness about the status of Oceans and of marine organisms. At the same time it promoted cooperation and the development of new projects. National and European projects were proposed and one EU project in the Horizon 2020 call Blue Growth – Demonstrating an ocean of opportunities was funded: GoJelly, a gelatinous solution to plastic pollution. The media documents and interviews are still available on the internet. The program WikiExpo was substituted by the blog CNR EXPO lab.  Newspapers are still carrying the story. The following publication was related to the topic of the conference, but not funded by the grant of the call: D'Amico, P., Leone, A., Giusti, A., Armani, A. 2017. Jellyfish and Humans: not just Negative Interactions. In Jellyfish - Ecology, Distribution Patterns and Human Interactions. Ed. G.L. Mariottini, Nova Science Publishers, New York (USA).