Postdoctoral Research Fellow in comparative immunogenomicsExternal

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Contact: Dr Sissel Jentoft
E-mail: sissel.jentoft [at]
website: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in comparative immunogenomics webpage
Deadline: June 26, 2017

A three-year post-doctoral fellowship position for a qualified candidate with background in comparative genomics is available at CEES, the Department of Biosciences (IBV), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The laboratory work of this project will be carried out at CEES and CIR as well as at our collaborating partner at University of Sterling, UK. The bioinformatic analyses and the high throughput sequencing will be performed at CEES in close collaboration with the NSC.

The successful applicant will work in close contact with other molecular biologists, cell biologists, immunologists and bioinformaticians at the two interactive multidisciplinary centres, CIR and CEES as well as researchers at IBV, Dept. of mathematics and Dept. of informatics. Both CIR and CEES are Centres of Excellence funded by the Research Council of Norway. The candidate will join two strong academic research environments. Applicants must hold a PhD-degree (or other corresponding education equivalent to a Norwegian doctoral degree).