Senior lecturer position in Marine BiodiversityExternal

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Contact: Eva Marie Rödström
E-mail: eva.marie.rodstrom [at]
website: Full Job Posting
Deadline: April 12, 2019

The University of Gothenburg (Sweden) has an open position for a Senior Lecturer in Marine Biodiversity at its Department of Marine Sciences.

The successful candidate is expected to develop a research agenda in marine biodiversity with focus on evolutionary biology

The position is placed at the Department of Marine Sciences – Tjärnö (on the coast ca 170 km north of Gothenburg), which has a strong background in evolutionary biology, easy access to highly diverse marine habitats, including the adjacent marine national park Kosterhavet, and excellent facilities for experimental work, culturing and molecular methods.

For more details, and for instructions on how to apply, please visit the job posting on the university's website which can be found above.