EuroMarine Summary Report on 2014-2017 Activities Internal

This report was prepared by a specific working group that notably included some of the 2019 and former EuroMarine Steering Committee members.

It summarizes the overall activity of the network in its first years of operation. It notably presents detailed information on the networking effect and the outcomes of all EuroMarine activities competitively funded from 2014 to 2017

It was printed in May 2019 and showcased (prior to its distribution to all EuroMarine member organisations) on the EuroMarine booth at the EurOCEAN2019 conference (Unesco, Paris, 11-12 June 2019).

Printed copies will be distributed by post to General Assembly representatives between June and September 2019.

Additional copies can be requested (while stock lasts) from the Communication Office.

To learn more on the outcome of EuroMarine activities, please also refer to our following menu entry: TOOLS/OUTCOMES OF ACTIVITIES.